Our vision and values

Our vision

"To energise the growth of Central Hawke's Bay by electrical infrastructure."

Our values

Who better to develop and implement our core values than the people who work here.

Centralines' goal at the end of the day is to get our work done safely, efficiently and productively. Our staff and management team contribute their ideas and vision to create the positive energy that's behind all our processes, procedures and policies.

We want our people to feel empowered and confident in their ability to do their job well, and to go home safe to their families each day. Performing our company values helps us to achieve these goals.

This is what is important to everyone who works at Centralines:

Safety - is part of our lives 

  • we think before we act
  • we have the right mind-set and attitude
  • we constantly review safety practice
  • we look out for ourselves, each other and the community 

Team work - we are one team

  • we share and listen
  • we show respect to all other team members
  • we have a well understood common goal
  • we regularly plan, review and celebrate together

Integrity - we are always honest

  • we have pride in ourselves and our work
  • we are reliable and do what we say we will
  • we take responsibility for our actions
  • we speak directly and solve issues openly

Openness - we are transparent

  • we actively communicate
  • we give regular feedback
  • we receive feedback openly
  • we confidently express our opinions and share our knowledge
  • we keep each other and our community well informed

Passion - in everything we do 

  • we have the drive for success in what we do and demonstrate this at work and in the community
  • we develop ourselves
  • we constantly review and improve
  • we are as efficient and effective as we can be
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